DOCX Recovery Software

Steps to Repair Corrupt/Damaged/Unsaved DOCX Files

If you have opted DOCX Repair tool to recover your damaged Word documents, then follow the steps given below to repair infected .docx files. Know how to fix corrupted Word files with the help of DOCX Repair software with illustrative steps along with the relevant screenshots.

Repair Corrupt Word Docx Files via DOCX Repair Application

1. First go to Start >> Programs >> DOCX Repair >> DOCX Repair. Initial software screen appears as follows:


DOCX Repair

2. Now, open the corrupted .docx file. For this, click the Browse button to select the corrupted .docx file, the process to select the file is shown in the following screen:


Large Screen 2

3. After clicking the Browse button, following screen will appear on your system interface:


Large Screen 3

4. Select the required .docx file to repair and click the Open button.
5. Now, you have to click the Recover button to repair corrupt docx file and to recover its contents.
6. As you click the Recover button, software starts the process of recovering contents from corrupted docx file as shown below:


Large Screen 4

7. After that, click the OK button.
8. You can preview the contents recovered from corrupted docx files.
9. After previewing the contents, you can go to the Save option and select the Output File Format there. This software allows you to save all the recovered contents in to 2 formats, one is DOCX Format & other the RTF Format as shown below:


Large Screen 5

10. Choose DOCX Format to save the contents recovered from corrupted .docx file to new .docx file.
11. Choose RTF Format or the Rich Text Format (.rtf) file format in order to save the contents recovered from corrupted docx file to an RTF file.
12. Now, click the Save button to save the file in any of the above selected formats, as shown in the screen below:
13. After clicking the Save button, following screen will appear on your system interface:


Large Screen 6

14. Now, you have to select a desired location on your system where the new files can be saved.
15. Finally, click the OK button.